Come celebrate the founders and pillars the Franco-Ontarian Games with us

Since 1994, the Franco-Ontarian Games is the largest annual gathering of Franco-Ontarian youth in the province. Every May, more than 600 youth from 106 schools gather to show off their talents in 8 different disciplines (artistic, cultural, and athletic). This event represents a countless number of hours of work from dedicated volunteers.

This gala serves to celebrate the involvement of these great people since the beginning, 25 years ago. It also serves to raise funds for the future editions of the games.

Come and eat a 4-course meal served by TBB Catering while we thank the great people that have contributed to the last 25 years of community building. The evening will start at 6 pm and will finish at around 10 pm.

When: October 20th at 6 pm

Where: Casselman Catholic Highschool

Tickets are on sale now. Get your tickets before October 10th.

75$ per person or 500$ for a table of 8.