Cold Buffets

Make your selection from the choices below or contact us to create a custom menu.

Snacking Delight - Assorted tea sandwiches, marinades, and assorted desserts

Basic Delight - Assorted tea sandwiches, one choice of salad, St-Albert cheese, marinades, and assorted desserts

Baked Beans and Sandwiches Delight - Assorted tea sandwiches, baked beans, one choice of salad, St-Albert cheese, and assorted desserts

Complete Delight - Assorted tea sandwiches, two choices of salad, St-Albert cheese, vegetables and dip, marinades, and assorted desserts

Wraps and Croissants Delight - Chicken wraps and/or croissant sandwiches, two choices of salad, St-Albert cheese, vegetables and dip, marinades, and assorted desserts

Japanese Delight - Assorted sushi rolls (8 per person; 50% vegetarian, 50% meat or fish), chocolate covered fruit, and mochi cake

English Delight - English tea sandwiches, sconewiches, one choice of salad, St-Albert cheese, vegetables and dip, marinades, and assorted petits fours

Montreal Delight - Smoked meat sandwiches, one choice of salad, St-Albert cheese, vegetables and dip, marinades, and homemade donuts

Italian Delight - Assorted Italian deli meats served with focaccia and ciabatta bread, two choices of salads, fine cheeses, antipasto, and tiramisu cake

Other delights - Ask us for other choices of sandwiches, like our Philly cheesesteak, our Rubens, our grilled cheese sandwiches, our fish sandwiches, and many more


Sandwich Choices
The following choices are only ideas of what is possible. Please ask us for other choices, if you wish to explore more options.

Tea Sandwiches (traditional) - Ham salad, egg salad, chicken salad, pork salad, tuna salad, salmon salad, chickpea and broccoli, red pepper and cream cheese

Wraps, Naans, or Croissants
Chicken - Traditional, Mexican, Szechuan, Buffalo, Caesar, Creole, Moroccan
Vegetarian - Beet hummus and apples, grilled vegetables, avocado, and cream cheese
Beef - BBQ, Philly cheese steak, smoked meat, Curry, steak and guacamole
Pork - pulled pork, apple pork, Mexican, Greek, Korean, Moroccan

Focaccia, Ciabatta, Etc.
Chicken - Lemon and cilantro, chicken parmesan, teriyaki, curry, tomato and basil)
Vegetarian - Garlic and thyme vegetables, spicy tofu and cucumber, egg and tomato
Beef - Ginger and garlic beef, Dijon and tarragon beef, pepper and brown sugar beef
Pork - Maple and garlic pork, peach and savory pork, sweet and spicy pork with cilantro

Other Sandwiches
English style tea sandwiches -  Cucumber, tomato, and cheddar; brie and apple; sweet peas and prosciutto
Cold cut sandwiches on specialty bread
Choice of assorted cold cuts - Ham, turkey, pepperoni, mortadella, chorizo
Scone sandwich - Cold cuts on cheddar scone, lemon chicken on thyme scone, braised beef on chili scone

Served with soya sauce, wasabi mayonnaise, and marinated ginger
Vegetable rolls - Cucumber and carrot, sweet potato and cream cheese, red pepper and pineapple
Meat rolls - Korean pork, Szechuan beef, sundried tomato and chorizo, apple pork
Fish rolls - Crab, tuna, shrimp, salmon, sardine, trout

  • All meals include disposable plates and cutlery.
  • Ask us for menu suggestions. We'll be happy to create a menu to fit your event.
  • Have your sandwiches with a soup
  • Add Poppa Bean Coffee and assorted teas, real fruit juice and water, or milk.
  • Deliveries of less than 20 km are free for orders of 250$ or more 
  • A fuel surcharge of $1.50 per km is added to deliveries of 20 km or more
  • Buffet or table service - $19/h per employee - minimum of 4 hours
  • Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, kosher, and halal choices are also available
  • Taxes extra. Prices may change without notice

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