Hot Buffets

Make your selection from the choices below or contact us to create a custom menu.

All hot buffets include two (2) choices of salads, bread and butter, vegetables and dip, St-Albert cheese, choice of dessert, and disposable plates and cutlery.

• Pot pies, Shepherd’s pies, or other meat pies (see options below)
• Artisanal or traditional lasagna (see options below)
• Beef, chicken, pork, or fish tacos on corn tortilla with choice of toppings (see options below)
• Stews and ragouts (ex. beef bourguignon, beef Stroganoff; see options below)
• Pork loin (ex. maple and garlic pork topped with a rosemary cream; see other options below)
• Quarter rotisserie chicken (Swiss chalet style) with traditional gravy
• Chicken breast supreme (ex. lemon and basil chicken topped with beurre blanc; see other options below)
• Stuffed chicken breast supreme (ex. Oka cheese and red pepper stuffed chicken topped with honey butter; see other options below)
• Beef and chicken brochettes (ex. ginger beef, sweet Thai chilli chicken; see other options below)
• Beef roast carving station served with a choice of sauce (ex. red wine and chive demi-glaze)
• Roasted salmon filet (ex. lemon, basil, and tomato roaster salmon)
• Veal roast topped with a choice of sauce (ex. Marsala mushroom sauce)
• Barbecue sauce pork ribs and quarter rotisserie chicken
• Cross rib roast served with choice of sauce (ex. garlic butter)
• Prime Rib au jus or grilled with choice of sauce (ex. pepper and mushroom sauce)
• Surf and turf – Filet mignon topped with choice of sauce (ex. bearnaise) and a garlic butter lobster tail

Many other options are also available

Choice of sides
One choice of potato, rice, or pasta
One choice of vegetables (ex. seasonal vegetable medley, carrots and green beans, grilled asparagus)
More options below


Traditional meat
Roasted vegetables and béchamel
Salmon and spinach
Chicken and broccoli
Eggplant, goat’s cheese, and veal
Chorizo and mushroom
Duck breast

Lasagnas may be prepared in pans or as rolls


Pork dishes

Golden Rail beer and pepper pulled pork
Apple pork
Korean pork
Pineapple and Thai chilli pork
Ginger and garlic pork
Peach and savory pork

Pork may be served as a loin, in brochettes, pulled, or as stews


Stews and ragouts

Beef bourguignon
Traditional pork stew
Jerk chicken stew
Brazilian seafood ragout
Meat (chicken, beef, or pork) or vegetable curries
Beef stroganoff
Beef and onion stew

All stews and ragouts may be served on rice or potatoes

Pot pies

Chicken pot pie
Salmon pot pie
Ham and turkey tart
Wild game pot pie
Mexican spiced pot pie
Rabbit pot pie
Duck pie
Vegetarian shepherd’s pie
Crab pot pie
Korean pork shepherd’s pie

Pies can be prepared with a wheat crust or topped with mashed potatoes


Chicken seasonings

Fine herbs
Applewood smoked spices
Mexican style
Berbere style
Szechuan style
Paprika and lemon
Piri Piri
Coconut and orange

All the recipes may be served with chicken legs, breasts, or as stews


Stuffed chicken breasts

Spinach and brie
Red pepper and Oka
Asparagus and emmental
Butter crab
Veal, pork, and cranberry
Mushroom and gouda
Boar and blueberry
Curried vegetables

Stuffing brings flavor to dishes.
Ask about our sauce choices


Traditional (pork, chicken, or beef)
Pineapple pork and coriander yoghurt
Butternut squash and maple falafel
Chorizo, mortadella, and mozzarella
Chicken, ham, and Swiss cheese

You may have your tacos in corn or when tortillas


Beef dishes

Pepper, chilli, and garlic beef roast
Ginger, brown sugar, and soy beef ribs
Traditional rouladen
Teriyaki striploin
Red wine prime rib
Mushroom filet mignon

All steak recipes may be served as steaks, brochettes, pulled, or as stews



Scalloped potatoes
Fine herb and garlic cream cheese
Mushroom risotto
Leek gratin
Roasted stuffed artichokes
Sour cream topped sweet potatoes

Make the meal special by selecting unique sides

  • All meals include disposable plates and cutlery.
  • Ask us for menu suggestions. We'll be happy to create a menu to fit your event.
  • Remember to ask to add Poppa Bean Coffee and assorted teas, real fruit juice, or water bottles to your meal.
  • Deliveries of less than 20 km are free for orders of 250$ or more 
  • A fuel surcharge of $1.50 per km is added to deliveries of 20 km or more
  • Buffet or table service - $19/h per employee - minimum of 4 hours
  • Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, kosher, and halal choices are also available
  • Taxes extra. Prices may change without notice

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