Sit Down Dinners (Wedding Meals)

Sit back and enjoy your night while our servers take care of you and your guests.
Ask us for a quick meeting and we'll send someone to collect the necessary information to create a custom menu according to your tastes and budget.
All orders over 2000$ include a free tasting. 
The following menus are menu ideas. Scroll down for ideas from traditional meals, to family style services, to cocktail style meals.
Do not hesitate to ask us for more ideas based on your event's theme or even for your favourite foods.

The Traditional

First course
Choice of standard soup (ex. cream of broccoli)

Second course
Choice of standard salad (ex. garden salad served in a cucumber crown topped with lemon and fine herbs vinaigrette)

Main course (choice of)
Chicken breast (ex. chicken supreme topped with a tomato béchamel sauce and served with mini potatoes and a roasted vegetable medley)

Beef roast (ex. cilantro and dill beef roast topped with a pepper sauce and served with mini potatoes and a roasted vegetable medley)

Standard vegetarian pasta (ex. vegetable lasagna served with a roasted vegetable medley)

Choice of standard dessert (ex. chocolate mousse topped with a raspberry coulis)

The Outgoing

First course
Chef's creation standard appetizer (ex. smoked pork belly served on a butternut squash mash and topped with salted caramel and fresh cilantro)

Second Course
Gourmet salad (ex. rustic asparagus and carrot mix topped with sesame. Served with maple balsamic vinaigrette)

Main Course (choice of)
Stuffed chicken breast (ex. chicken supreme stuffed with pears and blue cheese topped with demi-glaze and served with cream cheese mashed potatoes and garden vegetables)

Beef striploin (ex. beef striploin topped with fig chutney and served with cream cheese mashed potatoes and garden vegetables)

Chef's creation vegetarian dish (ex. eggplant stack layered with garden vegetables and topped with a black olive and feta tomato sauce)

Standard dessert (ex. pear puff served with vanilla ice cream)

The Elegant

First Course
Gourmet soup (ex. Italian wedding soup made with veal, orzo, and spinach)

Second Course
Gourmet salad (ex. black olive and feta, zucchini stack topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar)

Main Course (choice of)
Stuffed chicken breast (ex. chicken Kiev topped with a thyme béchamel sauce. Served with scalloped potatoes and asparagus)

Rib Eye steak (ex. Rib Eye steak topped with a shrimp béarnaise sauce. Served with scalloped potatoes au gratin and asparagus.)

Gourmet vegetarian pasta (ex. spinach and camembert ravioli in a coriander rosé sauce)

Gourmet dessert (ex. New York cheesecake)

The Gourmet

First Course
Chef's creation gourmet appetizer (ex. smoked duck breast stuffed with foie gras and apples)

Second Course
Gourmet salad (ex. tomato salad topped with arugula, yellow beans, and balsamic vinaigrette)

Main Course (choice of)
Gourmet stuffed chicken breast (ex. crab stuffed chicken breast served with a lobster sauce. Served with mini potatoes and garden vegetables)

Filet mignon and seafood (ex. filet mignon topped with a red wine demi-glaze. Served with a garlic buttered lobster tail, mini potatoes, and garden vegetables)

Gourmet vegetarian chef's creation (ex. spinach and mushroom flake topped with fine herbs and Emmental sauce)

Gourmet dessert (ex. dacquoise and strawberry stack topped with a dark chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries)

Family Style Rustic Feast

Family style meals are served in the middle of the table in sharing plates, just like you do at home

Salads (choice of 2 salads)
Beet and goat cheese salad topped with a fine herbs vinaigrette

Apple and radish salad topped with a Dijon and tarragon vinaigrette

Meats (choice of 3 types of meat)
Piri-Piri chicken

Beef roast topped with a mushroom and pepper sauce

Apple and ginger pork loin

Accompaniments (choice of 2 sides)
Garlic and butter mini potatoes

Roasted vegetable medley

Dessert (choice of up to 3 standard desserts)
Assortment of pies with vanilla ice cream

Gourmet Cocktail

Cocktail style meal. Enough food for a whole meal.
Choice of 11 different standard and gourmet canapes (examples below).

  • Maple glazed smoked salmon served on a fresh cucumber with cream cheese
  • Poached pear wrapped in arugula and prosciutto topped with balsamic caramel
  • Radish, fennel, and apple canape topped with a Dijon and tarragon vinaigrette
  • Veal kefta served with cilantro yoghurt and grilled raisins
  • Pulled pork profiterole topped with a beer barbecue sauce and caramelized onions
  • Fumé blanc tomato and parmesan stuffed mushrooms
  • Gorgonzola stuffed Medjool dates and wrapped in bacon
  • Butternut squash and maple falafels topped with a cumin and ginger yoghurt
  • Pork and peach bundles topped with a red wine demi glaze
  • Tomato and chilli ice cream topped with fresh basil
  • Cream cheese mousse served on a dark chocolate brownie topped with caramel

  • All meals include disposable plates and cutlery.
  • Ask us for menu suggestions. We'll be happy to create a menu to fit your event.
  • Remember to ask to add Poppa Bean Coffee and assorted teas, real fruit juice, or water to your meal
  • Deliveries of less than 20 km are free for orders of 250$ or more
  • A fuel surcharge of $1.50 per km is added to deliveries of 20 km or more
  • Buffet or table service - $19/h per employee - minimum of 4 hours
  • Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, kosher, and halal choices are also available
  • Taxes extra. Prices may change without notice

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